Amy Wannenburgh

copywriter | author | content creator

I’m currently studying for the Higher Certificate in Digital Content Creation at The Red and Yellow Creative School of Business. Writing is my passion, specifically writing novels and screenplays, and I’m also interested in copywriting, editing, and content creation.

My future goal: Copywriter, content writer, and editor, while writing novels and screenplays. My current experience in social media (working as the content creator & social media manager for Maxibin) web writing for various online brands (articles), blogging on my own blog for the past 6 years, reviewing books and movies for the past 7 years, and studying content creation at The Red & Yellow Creative School of Business have and continue to be an integral part of that journey.

Interests include films, books, and psychology. Passionate about using words and stories to bring people comfort, entertainment, and escape.

Student work at The Red & Yellow Creative School of Business.

Social Media Writing

I was partnered with two graphic design students. We had to create a social media campaign for '' on the dangers of underage drinking. For our target audience, we chose the parents of underage drinkers. I wrote the copy and tagline for both platform posts, and conceptualised the concept with my group.

Community Management

I had to create a community activity for a brand. I also had to choose the appropriate platform, target audience, and value proposition. I also had to create a social media post to build engagement and relationship between the brand and its target audience.

I made this video to introduce the activity and hosted it on LinkedIn, targeting businessmen. The brand was 'Trip Advisor'.

Content Video

I had to create, write the script, film, and edit a video that represented my resonance with one of Red and Yellow's values. I chose Persistence, and tied it to my personal writing journey.


I had to create a podcast series for an established brand. My brand was 'Dawn'. I wrote the script for and performed podcast-production on a series trailer. I also did market research to establish a target audience.

Podcast Series

For this brief, I had to create a podcast series for a brand. I chose my personal brand. I wrote the scripts and recorded and produced two episodes, as well as a video trailer for the series.


I am the social media manager, content creator, and copywriter for Maxibin.


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